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World Lithium Electric Series



The new World Lithium forklift is the first zero emissions, all-weather, lower capacity (up to 20,000 lbs.) forklift that can be charged both indoors and
outdoors*. This means that companies no longer need to purchase two forklifts, one for outdoors and one for indoors. Plus, with the ability to be
charged outdoors, companies no longer have to allocate precious and expensive indoor space to house and charge their electric forklifts. With the World Lithium forklift, companies can get two forklifts in one. Now that’s SMART.

Go green, without breaking the bank.

Key Benefits

  • Lower price point compared to other lithium battery forklifts
  • All weather usage and charging, designed for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Eliminates need for large indoor space to house and charge electric forklifts
  • Smaller footprint — without compromising on lifting capacity — to operate in small work areas or when sharp turning
    radii are required (e.g. the 8,000 lb. World Lithium is the same size as a standard 6,000 lb. LPG)
  • Battery control system so users can regulate speed, lifting capacity and battery productivity
  • Simple wireless and configurable cloud monitoring that provides daily, weekly and monthly reporting on key metrics
    such as charging cycles, usage and energy
  • EPA compliant; CE certified; and meets or exceeds all ANSI B56.1
  • Zero emissions = clean & quiet
  • Able to run continuous shifts with opportunity charging
  • Regenerating brake and hydraulic system for longer battery life
  • Bundling with charge stations available, with Level I, II or DC Fast Charge
  • Safety features like daylight strobes and white noise generator
  • Range of sizes with up to 20,000 lb. capacity
  • Customized exterior colors
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Recommended Uses

Want to go electric, with minimal downtime and maintenance? Need a forklift for indoor and outdoor use? Then the World Lithium Electric Forklift is for you. Lithium forklifts are more expensive than lead-acid forklifts, but you will spend much less time and money on maintenance, with many clients realizing return on investment compared to a lead-acid forklift within the first few years.*

World Lithium Forklift batteries not only charge faster than lead acid ones, they store about three-times as much energy as a standard lead acid battery. Advanced regenerating braking system charges the battery each time the breaks are pressed.  Consistent voltage outputs, means that World lithium electric forklifts won’t slow down even as the battery approaches full discharge. Speaking of full discharge, lithium batteries can recharge in a few hours. Level II or DC Fast Charge capabilities minimizes downtime further.

Say goodbye to oil changes, fuel filters and transmission fluid.  World™ lithium forklift batteries requires minimal maintenance, only requiring servicing at most once a year. Advanced diagnostics software assist with maintenance and repairs.

All this means your forklift operators spends less time refueling, repairing or recharging, and more time doing work.

*ROI is dependent on usage


Affordable does not mean less features. The World lithium electric series comes equipped with an expansive array of features:

  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Adjustable seat
  • Seat belt
  • Dual head lights
  • Front turn signals
  • Rear turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Back-up lights
  • Back-up alarm
  • Neutral safety switch
  • Welded overhead guard
  • Waterproof LCD instrument
  • Integral hydraulic tank
  • Side mounted motor pump
  • Low non-slip pedal
  • Insulated battery cover
  • Hand hold for entry
  • Hood cover 90 degree open
  • Third & fourth valve lever for additional attachments
  • Horn
  • Hour meter
  • Charge warning light
  • Temperature warning light
  • Hydraulic pressure gauge
  • Key switch
  • Safety load backrest
  • ITA class II or III forks & carriage
  • Easy access floor boards
  • Rubber safety mat
  • Meet or exceed all ANSI B 5 6 .1
  • Safety standards for powered industrial trucks and underwriters laboratories for fire hazard requirements
  • EPA compliant

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